General information

- This company rules has been prepared in accordance with international law and generally accepted asset management practices.

- By registering our website managed you agree and fully accept the following company rules

Investment Conditions

- The deposit is a private agreement between company the user.

- The user makes an investment in which assets are delegated to management with full awareness and bearing all risks.

- The amount and duration of the investment depends on the sole decision of the user.

- To make a deposit, the user can use any payment system accepted by our company.

- Investor can not open several accounts.

Affiliate program

Each user have his own referral link. If new user registered with your referral link will open deposit you will get referral commission (RC)

Referral commission for company official representatives is 10% (first level) and 1% (second level).

Referral commission for other users is 5% (first level) and 1% (second level).

Referral commission for all users from 1 day deposit is 0.5%


- All information exchanged between the investor and the company is not subject to disclosure to third parties. User account who disclosure to third party any information that has been individually provided to him will be blocked immediately.

Withdrawal Conditions

- All withdrawal request processing during 16 business hours.

- Our company business hours: Monday - Friday 8.00 - 16.00 (UTC)

Account Security Terms

- Each user is responsible for maintaining the security of their account.

- The user must set a strong password for his account

Procedure of amending the present rules

- Company have the right to make changes to the current document without the consent of users.

- Rules changes come into force since the date of publishing information on our website, unless otherwise provided in the text.

Customer Service and Support

- Each user can contact our support email.

- Company support reply all requests as soon as possible but no longer than 48 hours.

- The user is obliged to follow the instructions of our support team to solve the possible problem.

We accept